Engineering Services


We can help you get the most out of SwitcherGear.

Firmware Development

We can write control algorithms and application code for your project.

Starter projects that handle the low level MCU configuration and structure of the application. Just add your custom code. This is a simple way to set up a University lab or student project.

We can also write complete firmware applications to your specification.

Migration To Production Hardware

SwitcherGear is ideal for building prototypes or field-test demonstrators before moving to production hardware.

The architecture of SwitcherGear allows simple migration to a production controller that runs the same code and connects to the same external system.

Custom Module Development

If you have specialised interface hardware requirements, talk to us about developing a new interface module to expand SwitcherGear's functionality.

Research Services

We have industrial and research experience across the broad range of disciplines that cover power electronics:

Requirements & Conceptual Design

Identify your end goals and then create technically-sound options that can meet them.

Analysis & Simulation

We regularly use tools to analyse systems and to validate that our designs are right first time.

Technical Review & Advice

We can review and provide an opinion on your existing development plans and engineering designs.

Hardware Development

Design Capture & Verification

Electronic design of controllers for power converter, IGBT power stages, industrially rugged i/o circuitry, etc.

Design For Manufacture

We can layout PCBs and power stages for power converters, and prepare documentation for manufacture.

Prototype Assembly & Validation

We can arrange assembly of the design and conduct validation tests to ensure that the design meets the original requirements.

Firmware Development

C/C++ For C2000 MCU

We have 15 years experience using Texas Instruments C2000 MCUs and Code Composer Studio.

Control Blocks

We have our own library of standard control blocks, including 3-phase PWM, current controller, grid PLL, etc. We can also develop custom algorithms.


Applications are built on our own framework that ensures real-time performance requirements of power converters are met.

Host & User Interfaces

We can implement fieldbus interface protocols (e.g. modbus), I/O control interfaces, user interfaces, displays, etc.

Equipment Repair

When older industrial equipment breaks down, spare parts are often not available. Replacement of the entire equipment at short notice can be very expensive and have a significant impact on production. Alternatively, it may be possible to repair the equipment at a fraction of the cost and with minimal disruption. Repair will not eliminate all the risks associated with operating older equipment, but it can provide continuity of service while a properly considered plan is put in place.

Denkinetic can assess damaged equipment and provide advice that will enable you to plan your path to full recovery.

Here are some examples of previously completed projects.

Protection Relay Modules

Various under- and over-voltage protection modules. Standard products for which spares and support are no longer available. Replacement products are available, but would require re-wiring of the panel and significant production down time.

Denkinetic assessed the damage and quoted for repair. Work included calculation of components with values lost due to damage, search for equivalent replacements of obsolete parts and reconstruction of damaged heatsink structures.

1200 A Thyristor-Switched Capacitor (TSC)

Equipment for power factor correction of a large, industrial welder. The engineering firm that originally designed this custom equipment no longer had the expertise to support it.

Denkinetic assessed the damage, prepared a plan for repair and successfully implemented the repair in a planned production break. Work included design of replacement water-cooled thyristor stacks and reverse engineering of the original controller board to ensure safe commissioning of the repaired equipment.