SwitcherWare Library

SwitcherGear hardware interface modules.

The SwitcherWare Library is a code resource to simplfy the coding of power converter applications.

Target Support

  • Support for SwitcherGear hardware.
  • MCU specific resources for TI C2000 family.
  • SwitcherWare Toolbox can be used for any controller target.
  • Industrial-grade application framework.

Resource Hierarchy

  • Classes to represent basic analogue and digital signals in your code.
  • Signal processing such as PWM generation, PI control, dq-axis current control, etc.
  • Hardware classes for interacting with SwitcherGear modules.
  • Application-level classes for task scheduling, state machine and more.

Coding Made Easy

  • Your code interacts with SwitcherWare objects using a consistent and easy-to-use interface.
  • The library takes care of the configuration of the low-level MCU registers.
  • Detailled help documentation and example projects.
  • Auto-generate source files from SwitcherGear Configuration Document.

Library Versions

  • Basic version supplied with every SwitcherGear controller.
  • Source code version available for separate purchase.

Code Resource Examples …

Class Features SwitcherGear Target MCU Peripheral Target
AinPinScaled Represents the analogue signal at a particular ADC input pin. Scales the raw ADC conversion result into application units (e.g. Ampère or VoltPU, etc.). AIN004, CON003 &
Hardware independent
ADC_<MCU> Handles low-level configuration to schedule AinPinScaled objects for ADC conversion. Includes synchronisation to PWM and triggering execution of the real-time control algorithm. AIN004, CON003 &
Hardware independent
HB3Sym_<MCU> Generate space vector modulation or sine PWM from a demand voltage phasor. Symmetrical carrier with single- or double-update, switching frequency, dead-time, hardware trip inputs. CON002, CON003 &
Hardware independent
EPWM, TripZone
ModuleDIN001 Convert quadrature encoder signals from a DIN001 module to angular position and velocity. DIN001 &
Hardware independent
EQEP, TripZone
ModuleAOV001 Send any float variable in your application to a AOV001 analogue voltage output module. Minimum CPU overhead using DMA hardware. AOV001 SPI, MCBSP, DMA
Classes to represent quantities in various coordinate systems: 2- and 3-axes in stationary & rotating reference frames. Performs transformations between systems. Hardware independent TMU &
MCU independent

Example and Starter Projects

The SwitcherWare Library includes many Code Composer Studio projects. Example projects are provided to demonstrate the use of classes in the library.

Application starter projects are working examples for various converter types, such as 3-phase grid converter, motor drive, etc. Many use the SwitcherWare application framework to schedule the execution of tasks, track the application state and allow you see your code running. Use the projects to learn how to built industrial-grade code and as a launching point for your own project.

Existing Projects

Alternatively, you may have existing projects and libraries that were developed for an MCU in the SwitcherGear range. The SwitcherGear hardware can be configured to match your target hardware.

Contact us to discuss how you can switch over to SwitcherGear.

SwitcherGear Configuration

Each SwitcherGear controller is supplied with a Configuration Document that defines:

  • the type of MCU that is installed
  • the installed hardware interface modules
  • the digital and analogue signals that connect between the MCU and the modules
  • an optional SwitcherWare Library object associated with each signal

You can add your own comments about how each module is used and details for the wiring to your power converter system.

At the click of a button, you can generate source files for use in your CCS project, and a PDF document that is the master reference for your SwitcherGear controller.

SwitcherGear configuration document.