SwitcherGear Real-Time Microcontroller

SwitcherGear microcontroller modules.

Real-Time Microcontroller

At the heart of the SwitcherGear controller is a high-performance, real-time microcontroller (MCU). The MCU and critical support circuitry are on a modular card with DIMM 100-pin connector. Choose the MCU that matches your application – from entry-level to high-performance MCUs.

MCU modules are based on Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 Piccolo™, Delfino™ and Concerto™. Features include F28 CPU 60-200 MHz, dual CPUs, 16+ channels high-speed ADC, 12+ channel PWM, quadrature decoder, SPI, SCI/UART, etc.

Complete MCU module

  • C2000 industrial microcontroller
  • Power supplies and support circuitry
  • Compatible with TI controlCARD DIMM-100 format
Anatomy of a SwitcherGear Microcontroller Module.

Compatible with standard tools

Hardware Acceleration for Digital Control

High performance MCU family offers these CPU features

  • Hardware floating-point maths unit
  • Dual CPU and CLA co-processors
  • Hardware trigonometric maths unit

C2000 MCUs include many peripherals that perform common control tasks in hardware, e.g. PWM generation, ADC, quadrature decoding etc. The peripherals execute in parallel with the CPU and without intervention by user code.

Using these features, a DQ-axis current controller with ADC signal capture and SVM PWM can execute in less than 5 µs.

C2000 MCU include fast ADC and PWM generation hardware that coordinate with the CPU to execute the user control algorithm.

NEW! MC28377D1 MCU Card

The MC28377D1 microcontroller card features the new TMS320F28377D MCU on a DIMM 100-pin connector module. This MCU features dual 200 MHz F28 CPUs and CLA co-processors, 32-bit floating-point units and trigonometric maths units.

A 16 MB SDRAM operating at 100 MHz is ideal for logging multiple variables at high sample rates.

The MC28377D can be used with SwitcherGear or as a replacement for TI controlCARDs in third-party development hardware.