Configuration And SwitchWare Library

SwitchGear Configuration

Each SwitchGear controller is supplied with a Configuration Document. This clearly shows the details of the chosen hardware interface modules and MCU, and the signal connections between them.

You can optionally declare objects from the SwitchWare Library for each signal and enter details of the wiring to your power converter system

At the click of a button, you can generate a PDF document that is the master reference for your SwitchGear system.

SwitchGear configuration document.

SwitchWare Library

The optional SwitchWare library provides classes that are wrappers for various hardware signal types, including digital I/O, analogue inputs and SPI. The SwitchWare library is implemented in Embedded C++ to take advantage of data encapsulation and abstraction. It is optimised for speed and does not invoke any computationally expensive features of C++, such as virtual functions.

Simply assign the desired class for each signal in the Configuration Document. The required source/header files are automatically generated and included in your project. At run-time, the object constructors initialise the peripheral registers.

Here are some examples from the SwitchWare Library …

Class Features Use With SwitchGear Modules Uses C2000 MCU Perihperals
ADC, CSignalScaled Configure ADC to sample analogue signals synchronous to PWM. Apply scaling to raw conversion results. Hardware independent & AIN004, CON003 ADC
HB3Sym Generate space vector modulation from demand voltage phasor. Symmetrical PWM with double-update, switching frequency, dead-time, hardware trip inputs. Configure interrupt-driven tasks for execution of critical control code. Hardware independent & CON002, CON003 EPWM, TripZone
Encoder Convert quadrature encoder signals to angular position and velocity. Hardware independent & DIN001 EQEP, TripZone
ModuleAOU001 Send any float variable to a voltage/current analogue output. Fast implementation with minimum CPU overhead. AIN001 SPI, McBSP, DMA
SpaceVector Classes to represent quantities in various coordinate systems: 3-phase, Cartesian stationary & rotating. Perform transformations between systems. Hardware independent MCU independent

Starter Projects

A basic application framework is supplied with SwitchGear as a starter for simple applications. It demonstrates how to use the SwitchWare Library and provides a scaffold for your own code development. Just add your control code at the commented locations in the source files.

You can also use example application projects from TI controlSUITE as starting point for your project.

Existing Projects

Alternatively, you may have existing projects and libraries that were developed for an MCU in the SwitchGear range. The SwitchGear hardware can be configured to match your target hardware.

Contact us to discuss how you can switch over to SwitchGear.