SwitchGear Real-Time Microcontroller

SwitchGear microcontroller modules.

Real-Time Microcontroller

At the heart of the SwitchGear controller is a high-performance, real-time microcontroller (MCU). The MCU and critical support circuitry are on a modular card with DIMM 100-pin connector. Choose the MCU that matches your application – from entry-level to high-performance MCUs.

Current MCU modules are based on Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo™, Delfino™ and Concerto™. Minimum features for these MCU modules include a F28 CPU running at 60+ MHz, 16-channel high-speed ADC, 12-channel PWM, quadrature decoder, SPI, SCI/UART, etc.

DIMM 100-pin controlCARD MCU modules from TI can be used with SwitchGear.

NEW! MC28377D MCU Card

The MC28377D microcontroller card features the new TMS320F28377D MCU on a DIMM 100-pin connector module. This MCU features dual 200 MHz F28 CPUs and CLA co-processors, 32-bit floating-point units and trigonometric maths units.

A 16 MB SDRAM operating at 100 MHz is ideal for logging multiple variables at high sample rates.

The MC28377D can be used with SwitchGear or as a replacement for TI controlCARDs in third-party development hardware.