SwitchGear Code Development Tools

SwitchGear can use any of the standard code development toolchains for C2000 MCUs.

Code Composer Studio™

Use TI's Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) integrated development environment to develop and debug embedded applications for C2000 MCUs. CCS includes a source code editor, optimising C/C++ compiler, debugger and more.

A free license is available for CCS when used with the low cost XDS100 debug probe.

C2000 Support Resources

TI's controlSUITE™ software is a repository for C2000 support materials:

  • Reference documentation for each MCU
  • Device header files
  • Example code for MCU peripherals
  • Example application code

Debug Hardware

Use a standard XDS100 or XDS510 debug probe (JTAG emulator). These allow CCS to load code into the MCU and visualise its operation in real-time.

The SwitchGear Base has a 14-pin JTAG connector for connection of the debug probe.

An optional JTAG isolation adapter mounts inside SwitchGear and blocks EMI in the JTAG USB cable.

SwitchGear with XDS100 debug probe.
Field-oriented controller block diagram.

Graphical Modelling

Use third-party tools to convert graphical models of your control into C code.

Mathworks Simulink® with Embedded Coder® and PowerSim's PSIM® with SimCoder module can both target TI C2000 MCUs.